A story has a great power to connect because we all love stories. They become even more powerful when told visually. We make your brands come alive by telling compelling visual stories through creative video production. We make award-winning films and audio visuals, including live action, 2D/3D animation, chroma shoots, motivational films, brand films etc. for corporate, sales/marketing, documentary, launches, fundraising, training and education.

As an end-to-end creative video production company, we also leverage the great power of an original song or a jingle to engage and enthral your customers. So, we create them with great verve and finesse. Our ad jingles and corporate anthems feature catchy tunes and memorable lyrics to evoke an emotional responsein listeners.

Films & Jingles

Corporate Video Production & Film Making in India

It takes a lot of time, effort and skill to make a corporate video. That’s why it’s best to outsource your video needs to an experienced agency like Exicon Group. We possess the in-house capabilities of delivering corporate video production services in Mumbai, Delhi and all over India. We develop concepts, write scripts, and produce and edit videos.

Films & Jingles

Motivational Videos to Inspire Your Audience

The most impactful type of video is one that delivers results. Our sharp film-making approach is built on the foundation of experience with passion to convey your message to the target audience imaginatively. Our cleverly crafted motivational videos engage and inspire a variety of audiences, and prod them in the right direction to take action.

Films & Jingles

Explainer Videos - Reaching & Connecting with More Customers

Exicon Group knows how to heighten brand credibility, distinguish from competition and improve business prospects using one-of-a-kind animated videos. We create innovative explainer videos for businesses ranging from healthcare to FMCG. Just tell us what you want to accomplish, and we will weave a story that fits your brand voice and drives maximum ROI.

Films & Jingles

Testimonial Videos – Customer Testimonials for Brand Credibility

We know how to turn a testimonial into a high-impact story that maximises ROI. With effective branding, effective storytelling and skilled editing, we draft wonderful customer testimonial videos that you can showcase on your website or social pages. These videos help in building credibility for your brand and trust among your customers.

Films & Jingles

Jingle & Anthem Writing Services for Video Production

Along with video production services, we also create and deliver original compositions. We have penned and developed innumerable songs and jingles, including motivational songs, ad jingles, radio jingles and corporate anthems. Whether you want to enhance product marketing or energise your sales team, we have a song for your brand.

Films & Jingles

Top-Quality Case Study Films & Audio Visuals

More than just making simple case studies, we are a full-service video agency that believes in building long-lasting partnerships. We work with you from start to finish, forming a collaborative relationship to bring out the best in your case study videos. No matter what your objective or audience, we know what creative approach to follow, basis solid research and experience.

Films & Jingles
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