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Published June 5, 2020

The use of technology – hardware, software or both – makes a significant difference to any live event. It helps make event planning smoother, engages attendees, and may even supply ROI analytics for the organizers. You can use event technology during multiple activities, such as planning, registration and marketing. Lately, most companies have been using technology especially to engage their audience and improve interaction between attendees and presenters.

If you are interested in some cool ideas on incorporating technology at your next event, then you are in the right place. We’ve scoured high and low, and found the best tech ideas that you can consider using. All of them occupy very little or no space, so your booth or event space stays clutter-free.

1.    NFC enabled access control

Place NFC readers at your event entrance so you can track attendees digitally. Whenever people check-in, their credentials are recorded and time stamped. This eliminates the need for physical check-in and saves both space and time spent in registration.

2.    Digital signage

Opt for a smaller TV or projector, depending on the event space available. You can also create a video wall for a striking display that grabs everyone’s attention. Signage and displays that are positioned at strategic points will make your event more engaging and memorable.

3.    Virtual Reality (VR) headsets

Transport your participants into another world using VR headsets. It will create an element of excitement and intrigue among attendees and get them talking. Use content that’s available off-the-shelf or create your own branded content for maximum impact.

4.    Touchscreen kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks allow visitors to obtain and view information with ease. They can check details for navigating around the event, register themselves, scan their tickets and do so much more. Such self-service kiosks simplify many event processes and keep your entrance area clutter free.

5.    Digital graffiti wall   

A virtual digital graffiti wall allows guests to take their picture, and then paint with infrared spray cans to personalise it. This gives your event participants the opportunity to be a graffiti artist without the mess. They can also print the finished artwork or share in on social media to create a buzz.

6.    Interactive mirrors

Make your event space come alive with an interactive mirror, or two. It is often used in retail exhibitions, brand activations and events to offer an interactive shopping experience to the attendees. People can use them to browse items, ask for size changes, or even change the lighting.

7.    Event apps

There are several mobile apps designed to make events processes simpler. Some of the popular ones include Pathable, Presdo Match, Whova, Attendify and Eventbase. These apps help with networking, interaction, engagement tracking, planning, and lots more.

Instead of going with the same old ideas that you have been following for years, try incorporating some of the technology mentioned above into your next event instead. Whether you are planning a trade show, conference, exhibition or another event, these tech-savvy ideas will prove to be useful.

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