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Published February 21, 2020

You’re probably already aware that films can be potent tools for boosting any marketing or branding effort. You might have even made a few promotional clips or explainer videos showing product benefits. However, have you ever considered motivational films to engage with your customers, clients or employees?

Motivational films have the power to establish an emotional connection with people. By invoking positive emotions, they can stay for long in the memory of your viewers, bringing forth a better, more real relationship. That’s why a motivational film has a stronger impact than a product commercial or explainer video. 

So what type of motivational films can you create for maximum engagement? We’ve got some ideas to help you get started:

Customer testimonials: These aren’t just videos showing a customer talk about your product or service. The footage should display how your brand helped users solve a problem at hand. You can also underline how it made a difference in their life, which will lend the inspiring/motivating angle to your visual story. Their verdict will give your offerings more credibility than, say, video commercials.

CEO speech: Another type of motivational film that can leave a lasting impact on customers as well as your salesforce is a CEO speech. A true leader can inspire action through his/her mere words. Use good footage of this leadership-driven inspiration and share it in the form of a motivational film to influence responses.

Product concept: This film shows the backstory behind how your product or service was conceptualised. You can display the need for the product in the target market, and visually explain how the idea emerged. Demonstrating how your team worked tirelessly to bring that idea to life will inspire your customers and nudge them towards making a purchase.

Brand story: This is a great film to show both customers as well as employees. Your brand story can be crafted in the form of an “About us” style to introduce the viewers to what your business is all about. Or it can contain “behind-the-scenes” footage to show the men (and women!) behind the curtain.

When blended with a great song, visuals can have a stronger impact the viewers. Using inspiring songs make your motivational films even more powerful.

Motivational films have the power to strike a chord with viewers. It’s time to leverage this power and use it to win the hearts of your customers and employees!

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