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Published June 5, 2020

Planning a sales meeting for the first time? Planned one earlier but it didn’t go as you envisioned? Either way, we’ve got some lessons that we learnt over the years while planning several events for our clients. In this article, we have put those learnings together so you can make your next annual sales meet your best one yet. Read on!

Pick a motivating theme

You want to energise your team so they can be all pumped up for the upcoming year. This should reflect in your event theme. Instead of going for a cheesy idea, how about celebrating their achievements with a Superhero theme, or encouraging them to stay focused with a sports theme to ‘keep an eye on the ball’?

Set goals and discuss strategies

No annual sales meet can be complete without setting next year’s goals and addressing the approach. Work on answering the following questions:

What is the company’ expectation for the sales team this year?

What strategies are set to meet the goals for the year?

What is the individual/team accountability plan?

The answers to these questions will loosely frame your discussion during the annual meet.

Schedule training and networking sessions

Your whole sales team is at one place; it’s an excellent opportunity to schedule information sessions revolving around new products or services, current industry trends, corporate communications and competitor info. You can also break the crowd into smaller working teams so they can informally coach each other, exchange best practices, share what they’re observing in the marketplace.

Entertain them

Talks from motivational speakers are good, but you can’t have just one-sided speeches when you want actually to educate or train your folks. Think of interactive elements–props at tables, videos of the team, activities that engage all the senses for maximum engagement. You can also arrange for a few team building games that bring out the competitive spirit.

The annual sales meet shouldn’t just be another event that people attend and forget. It should leave an impact on your team and send them home with something to remember all year long. Here are some more tips to drive the message home:

  • Take inputs from the employees. Send out a survey asking about their challenges and what they’d like to learn.
  • Instead of speeches from the CEO or motivational speakers, ask your company’s top performers to present their success stories.
  • Don’t try to fit a whole day’s worth of training within a 2-hour slot. You can conduct a separate training workshop or share the training material virtually.
  • Add a Q&A session at the end of the event, so employees go home without any doubts in their mind regarding the next year’s plan.

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